I have been hard at work rebuilding our website from scratch. In crafting this new website, my goal was to make visiting us on the web more like visiting us in person. In that spirit, I’ve used pictures and textures of Zion throughout every page to bring things to life. Unfortunately, I arrived to the community during a time of pandemic when we are socially distanced and we are primarily worshiping digitally. So most of my pictures are of the empty building, which is not ideal. But I’ve done my best to collect pictures of the people too where appropriate, and available. Also because of the COVID pandemic, I have the unique challenge of writing things like the “what to expect” page when I myself really do not have much familiarity with what to expect since I have barely had a chance to lead worship during normal times. Therefore, I need your help! Please take a moment to explore this new website and all its nooks and crannies. If you find anything you think is missing, or mistaken, or if you have pictures or updates or changes that you would like to see, let me know in the comments below on this post. I will gladly take what you have to say into consideration!

-Pastor Tommy.